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Guangzhou XX Solvent Extraction Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of new centrifugal liquid-liquid separation/extraction equipment. It is based on integrity, refined technology, quality assurance, and service-oriented concepts. Now it has solved the problem of liquid-liquid separation with hundreds of enterprises and colleges. /Extraction problems avoid the risk of small and medium-sized trials to industrial production, reduce costs, improve customer production efficiency and product quality. The company has rich experience in manufacturing, producing small-flow experimental centrifugal extractors and large-flow centrifugal extractors. Production of centrifugal extractors of various materials (304, 316, 321, 2205, 904, Hastelloy, titanium and other metal materials, anti-corrosion plastic materials PFA, FEP-F46, F40, HALAR-F30, PVDF and other fluoroplastic materials) We are based on According to the user's process requirements and material properties, the equipment is designed and manufactured with different structures.
The company's main stereotyped products: CTL high-efficiency centrifugal extractor series include: CTL50-N, CTL150-N, CTL250-N, CTL350-N, CTL450-N, CTL450-N, CTL550-N, CTL650-N, CTL800-N, CTL1000 -N, CTX centrifugal extractor series: CTX50-N, CTX150-N, CTX250-N, CTX350-N, CTX450-N, CTX450-N, CXL550-N, CTX650-N, CTX800-N, CTX1000-N and other models Meet the different production needs of customers.
Quande Machinery Products Centrifugal Extractor is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, metallurgy, industrial wastewater, biopharmaceuticals, bioengineering, plant extraction, fine chemicals, petrochemicals, environmental protection chemicals, non-ferrous metals, hydrometallurgy, rare earth, rare metals and other industries. We will gain your trust with our excellent products and meet your satisfaction with our excellent services. We are willing to develop together with our customers and industry peers and keep pace with the times.

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