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UEFA European Football Club Rankings
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Below are listed the current Top 100 clubs in UEFA as determined by the ratings of the Donchess Inference Index.

More information about how these European football rankings are calculated can be found on theMethodologypage.

DII Rating This is a European football rankings system that is a combination of theStandard Ratingand theInference Rating. The Inference Rating is weighted more highly in the beginning of the season whereas the Standard Rating is weighted more highly at the end of the season. This is the final rating that is used to rank the teams.

Standard Rating Looks at game outcome and score differential only. Record is the most important factor in this rating system.

Inference Rating Heavily weights the outcomes of opponents games. This is system is a much better predictor of future game outcomes.

Our detailed game projections for all the major leagues can be found:

Champions League,Europa League,English Premier League,Spain La Liga,Germany Bundesliga,Italy Serie A,France Ligue 1.

UEFA European Football Club Power Rankings Top 100 Clubs

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